Monday, June 11, 2012

Reza Pahlavi: Solidarity between people of Iran and Syria

Brave people of Syria, still fight against al-Assad,“the dictator of Syria”, to achieve their human rights. Bashar al-Assad tries to crack down People's Liberation Movement on violence and brutality. Thousands of protesting Syrians are subjected to death and horror. Unfortunately, the oppressive and repressive security forces supported by Ali Khamenei have a major and significant role in crimes against their citizens.

I strongly condemn Islamic republic’s involvement in bitter and inhumane acts of crimes against freedom-loving citizens of that country and ask The United Nations and the international community not to remain in silence against Assad’s brutal and medieval dictatorship whose survival depends on support of Khamenei's dictatorship and firmly condemn both dictators.

In this critical situation, the duty of all Iranian and Syrian political activists and civil rights advocates is to get united more than ever against a common enemy and force the UN Security Council to refer the cause to Hague International Criminal Court (ICC) against Ali Khamenei.

 UN Security Council should serve as a tool for human rights, targets and policies in the violating countries. Today, every member of the UN Security Council has the duty to support people of Iran and Syria and do powerful and consistent reactions against the inhuman treatments of Ali Khamenei from Iran. It is hoped that China and Russia as two permanent members of UN, even just to maintain long-term interests of their own countries, stop supporting the Syrian Baath regime as both Iranian and Syrian governments have lost their popular legitimacy.

Freedom fighters and people in Syria should be aware that they will not be left alone in this difficult route to achieve democracy and freedom. If Ali Khamenei is the red line of Bashar Assad’s dictatorship, Liberal democracy and human rights in Syria, is also the red line of Iranian freedom seekers.

In the process of referring the lawsuit of ” crimes against humanity “ to all concerned authorities (i.e. UN Security Council member states, UN Secretary General and UN Human Rights Council) and it’s registration at The International Criminal Court in The Hague, on May 30th 2012, and my visit to Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo “Hague’s Attorney General”, in connection with crimes charged at Ali Khamenei in Iran and Syria, Syrian human rights defenders will be invited to report, gather and send crimes committed against citizens of Syria and the direct role of suppressor factors in the repression of the people of Syria by Ali Khamenei to the relevant authorities.

Reza Pahlavi

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